How to get the right fit for men's suit

Published: 16th April 2010
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Determining the perfect fit of a men's suit is extremely important. Certain things should be taken care of while selecting both off-rack suit and tailor made ones. If you keep in mind some pointers it would be really helpful. It is important since shoulder and lapels can never be altered after finishing.

The most important part of a men's suit would be the shoulders. The suite would hang or drape if the shoulders are not kept right. The shoulder padding should get the first concern. For giving the shoulder an overall relaxed, comfortable and smart look, it is better to go for the soft sloping shoulders. But for persons with sloping shoulders heavier padding is best to level up. Make sure that the width gives enough space that the fabric is allowed to flow smoothly from the shoulder to sleeves.

In a men's suit, the fit around shoulder determine the shoulder's relativity against the size of the head, waistline and neck width. For an average head size, the shoulders should not be cut too narrow since that would make the head look big while compared to the overall suiting. On the other hand, if it's too narrow, then the head would look small. The drape from shoulders must be smooth always. The fabric should not wrinkle up along the front as well as the back. Moreover, it has to be wrapped flat and shouldn't be puckering around the shoulder back and front.

For easy movement of arms, the armholes should be given enough space. Try the armholes by wearing the flat knit sweater beneath and your arms must feel comfortable in it. High armholes give chance for a good drape and also it give room for big hand movements without lifting your whole jacket up. Moreover, the armhole portion would not be tight and irritate your armpit. While swinging your arms, you should not feel rupture between the armhole and fabric.

The sleeves should reach till your mid wrist bone, just a few inches above your arms. It should reveal a part of your dress shirt cuffs. You must check the assessment of men's suit by keeping both arms by the sides and see where the sleeves end.

Next come the perfect fit of the collar in a men's suit. The collar must always stick around the back of your neck. The strains indicate that the fit is not right. The collar should show a part of the shirt beneath. Else, the suit will cover your shirt as and when you sit down. The width of the lapels keeps on changing according to the trend. In a perfect suit, the lapels would lie flat against the chest without buckling. The size of the lapels should be symmetric to the body frame and shoulders.

For getting a perfect waist, fasten the waist button and keep both arms by your sides. The suit fit is tight around the waist if the buttons seems to be popping out. Make sure that the silhouette and drape of the suit are smooth and flat. The suit pants should essentially rest on your waist and it should float over your legs.

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