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Published: 05th March 2010
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It would be quite natural to wish for a piece of clothing that would go with almost anything. Blazers are one such outfit. The versatility of black blazer lies in the fact that it goes well with everything. It can dress up your total personality with a hint of sophistication and cool. Black blazers find a place in your wardrobe despite changing fashion trends. Simply put, blazers are classic single-breasted navy wool coat with brass buttons which can be accompanied with any dress. The black blazers give a classic corporate look and also a casual appeal.

Many times you would be breaking your head over the question of selecting an outfit as business casuals. Here, the black blazer offers you a simple solution by tackling the problem of dressing respectably without being odd. Generally the work places would be dominated by polo shirts and khakis. Here, you can confidently stand out by wearing a distinctive black blazer. A blazer can be best accompanied by a shirt with button-down collar and gray flannels along with a tie. If you want a bit more formality, then you can go for a point collar shirt. It is best to avoid contrast collars as that would be best under a suit. Also French cuffs can be extremely contrasting with the cuff links next to brass sleeve buttons. You can wear bluchers, loafers and monk-strap dress shoes for footwear along with the blazer.

Blazers worn as business casuals can be used as the best option for dinner parties or even for some religious services. Actually the black blazer can be worn for a list of occasions from attending a play to being the spectator of a softball match. The blazers give you an aristocratic and dignified look than a casual turtleneck and flannels. For a sloppy summer look, you must wear the blazer with off-white pants and a bright polo shirt. It is totally cool to wear the black blazer along with jeans but you must avoid wearing black jeans since that would destroy the appeal. This fact is notable in any colored blazer and pant combination that both should not be too close in color.

A button-down oxford shirt would be the classic combination while wearing blazer with shirt. Apart from solid colors, a variety of checks and stripes in bright shades would look good with black blazers. For getting a more casual feel, you can wear a full sleeve polo shirt or a turtleneck that would suit the climatic conditions. During cool weather, a sweater is usually worn under the blazer jacket. For adding up the look, it is suggested to don a cable-knit sweater if you are not wearing a tie.

Proper concern should be given to neckwear and accessories while putting on a blazer since that would add up the appeal. Wearing the suitable tie is important since that should complement the sporty appeal of the blazers. You can pick something in polka dots, bold stripes and simple patterns too. To add a dash of style, wear any pocket squares that would sync with the entire outfit. While choosing the belt, it is preferable to pick the same color as that of your shoes. The buckle should be brass which will harmonize with the buttons.

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