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Published: 23rd September 2009
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One of the mysteries that has made man ponder over time is how does a person dress for success for a business occasion? What according to man is the difference between smart, casual & formal dress codes? These are two questions which this article aims at tackling. Most of the opinions collected are based on the author's experience and knowledge gained from working with entrepreneurs and business people whose expertise includes knowing how to dress for success.

Dressing means wearing clothes in a confident and composed manner in order to positively influence people. You must have heard that first impressions always last. Therefore, knowing how to dress should be step one. Let's get to know how we can dress up for a business occasion.

If you are planning to get yourself involved in a formal or informal business occasion, here are a few tips youcan follow to help yourself dress, look and feel better. Because, confidence from inside shines outside.

• Opt to wear a spotless suit, a neatly ironed-shirt and a clean tie (silk is mostly preferable).

• Another important factor is, make sure you are clean & spotless. Try to be well shaved. Use foams and cleansers if you have them. Even a splash of aftershave, cologne, underarm deodorant too would help you a lot. Make it a point to brush your hair neat and in order, so that you would look your "Sunday best". This will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. People will easily take notice of you. And, also, make it a must to take a shower.

• Always remember to polish your shoes. If you had already polished earlier, then polish it again. Then, shine them up. Having a clean and neat pair of shiny shoes helps bring a lot of difference to your attire. You shouldn't be showing a single sign of weakness and therefore, there is no excuse for not polishing up your shoes spic and span.

• Do not forget to clean your teeth and try whitening them if possible. Bad breath is a factor of concern. It shouldn't bring you down. Try to floss and use your tooth whitener if you have to. Brush your tongue too. Make your dental check up as regular as possible.

• Finally, stress on the self talk. Look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, "I look great, I feel great and I really feel like myself".

Don't feel shy in asking another person's opinion on how you look. Ask your spouse/girlfriend how you look. They are the people who always make you come out looking best. They provide you with finishing touches to your tie, shirt or belt, or pay you an awesome compliment to boost your confidence.

A huge difference can be seen when styling for personal and professional purpose. Specific dressing codes need to be followed at a workplace. You cannot dress up casual and work in an office environment. The corporate clothing for an official environment defies all other casual wears. But, there has been a transition these days. Men's office clothes wear used to comprise mainly of formal wear. However, these days, the business attire is undergoing some notable change. It is very imperative that you sign in neat for work. So, make it a point to look your best for your work.

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